Invest in agriculture 

We source and fund high potential farming projects underpinned by innovative funding solutions to bridge the gap between challenges and opportunities through linking investors to farmers. 

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Why Seed Capital?

Access to agriculture

Direct access to a high potential growth sector that is exempt from fluctuating economic cycles.

Competitive returns

Competitive returns linked to crop production cycles and diversification to non-capital markets.

Risk management

Technology driven innovative approach to managing production and price risk relying on satellite and risk transfer tools.

Impact investing

Employment-intensive sector absorbing much of the women and youth labour force as well as contributing to food security.

Why Agri Seed Capital?

WHAT we do

You invest in us and we invest in farming  

Agri Seed Capital bridges the gap between challenges and opportunities by linking investors to grain emerging farmers.  This is achieved through an innovative funding solution where working capital is raised to finance select farmers who have management capacity in terms of land, skills and experience.  The working capital in the form of a production loan is mainly for cultivating underutilised land, maximising production capacity and procuring high quality inputs.

We manage risk to protect your investment. Our services include:

- End-to-end risk management.

- Climate change mitigation tools.

- Satellite based farm evaluation.

- Crop yield optimization.

- Financial management.

How to invest?

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Who can invest?

Companies, trusts, institutional and retail investors.

How much can I invest?

Invest from R25 000 to as much as your budget allows.

How long should I invest?

The minimum investment period is 1 year and the maximum is 5 years.

How much will I make?

Investment returns are 9% per annum.

Are returns guaranteed?
Yes, your returns are guaranteed at the end of each year.
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Step 1


Select your investment amount and fund your account.

Step 2

Project funding

We then invest your funds in high potential farms.

Step 3

Risk management

We manage and mitigate farm risk.

Step 4


Crop harvest and repayment by the farmer.

Step 5

Investor returns

You earn investment returns.

Step 6

Try our calculator to determine your return on investment

Investment calculator

R25 000 R250 000
1 years5 years
Total you will receive at 9% interest:

How it all works?

Financial support to farmers

We provide production loans and microfinance solutions to smallholder farmers. We walk the production journey financing farm related activities from input purchases to machinery repair costs. We also understand that farming income in cyclical, that's why we provide unique micro loans payable as a single instalment after three months to assist the farming community with day-to-day needs and unexpected costs.

Micro loans are open to all types of farmers, farmworkers, and service providers in farm-related enterprises. Applicants must be 18 years and older with an active SA bank account. 

Agrisector micro loan  Apply here