Invest in agriculture 

The Agri Seed Capital Impact Fund provides tailored debt and equity financing to high potential rural  smallholder farming projects in South Africa 

Our Farmers

Farmer Application

Why Seed Capital?

Access to agriculture

Direct access to a high potential growth sector that is exempt from fluctuating economic cycles.

Competitive returns

Competitive returns linked to crop production cycles and diversification to non-capital markets.

Risk management

Technology driven innovative approach to managing production and price risk relying on satellite and risk transfer tools.

Impact investing

Employment-intensive sector absorbing much of the women and youth labour force as well as contributing to food security.

Why Agri Seed Capital?

WHAT we do

We provide access to finance for under-served smallholder farmers, in particular youth grain producers.  This is achieved through financial service solutions where working and infrastructure capital is raised to finance select farmers who have management capacity in terms of land, skills and experience.  The working capital in the form of  production loans, bridging finance, short-term credit, equity injection or sale and lease back transactions  is mainly for cultivating under-utilized land, mechanization efforts, maximizing production capacity and procuring high quality input seed and fertilizer.

HOW we do it

At the heart of our Impact Fund is risk management. We follow an integrated approach with a suite of services to deliver the best results. Our services include: 

- Project identification.
- End-to-end risk management.
- Climate change and mitigation strategies.
- Satellite based farm level analysis.
- Crop yield optimization.
- Financial management.
- Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of impact

Developmental Goals

Why the  Impact Fund?
Economic growth

Providing financial access to rural based smallholder farmers

Job creation

Owing to its labour intensive nature, smallholder agriculture has the potential to create job opportunities.

Food security

Strengthening of food security at household, regional and national level.


By financing youth, women farmers a greater level of equality is achieved society.

Financial inclusion
Access to credit which would have otherwise not been available through mainstream financing.
No poverty 

End of poverty in all its forms in our area of operation.


Gender equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


Zero hunger

Achieve food security and improved nutrition.


Climate action

Strengthen resiliance and adaptive capacity to climate hazards.

SDG 13

Jobs created
Ha planted
Livestock units